Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Ancient Stickers

Ever wondered what the ancient people used to do with their lives? How different their way of life was from us. Well, if we give it a deep thought we can come to the conclusion that they were not that alienated from us. The things we use at present are mostly improved versions of what they invented. So it could be said that the difference between their surroundings and ours is ‘technology’ and the modern science. Basically even the most advanced gadgets had a history and evolved from the ancient times and had different origins. An initial example can be taken of wheels. It is clear from the previous times how this invention evolved and how it is now a need.

The birth of stickers:
Evolution of stickers has been traced from the ancient times of Egyptians. Archeologists have found sufficient evidence to support the idea that Egyptians were first to use the stickers. They used them in the markets, plastering those using adhesives on the ancient walls of Egypt to specify the prices and the information of the various products available in the market. It is a difficult task to discover how these stickers were made. The question that raises here is that what kind of sticker printing techniques did these people from the past used. It is hard to imagine that without this tool stickers can be produced. However, archeologists have to an extent discovered the way Egyptians made stickers from the material they possessed. At the excavation sites of Egypt it could be concluded that they used to write the relevant material on a certain piece of paper and use to plaster them on the walls.

Varying ideas:
But there is also a contradicting point that stickers were initially used in Europe by Sir Rowland Hill who firstly introduced an adhesive paper that became the first postage stamp. Later in 1880 then advertising gurus started using stickers to help consumers to identify a certain product by using colorful labels. They firstly used these stickers on fruits which boosted the sales of certain owners of orchards. Afterwards in 1935 self-adhesive stickers were introduced. Mostly the stickers used in previous times were pre-applying type, meaning that before using them you had to wet those stickers. But in this modern age those types of stickers are not largely used. The most common stickers now are named as custom stickers. Easy to use stickers have now been developed in order to run side by side with the changes in technology and social life.
 Now in this era after the evolution of stickers, wide range of stickers can be found. There are many types of stickers which are now available in this modern day and age. The types of stickers available vary in differences in paper material, application, inks and adhesives. One of the widely used stickers nowadays is vinyl stickers which are applicable on any kind of surface making it extremely advantageous.

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