Monday, 23 July 2012

Post-it Notes: A Remarkable Type Of Stickers

Post-it stickers are an incredible invention of Dr Spencer Silver who developed reusable pressure sensitive adhesives. These super adhesives were not much appreciated by people for a long time. However after 5 years of being ignored and not getting any success in 1974 a friend of Dr Silver named as Art Fry got an idea of using the particular adhesive for the purposes of bookmarks. The product came into the market in 1977 but due to lack of consumer appreciation did not prove to be a success but turned out to be a failure. In the desperate effort to make this work free samples were sent off to Boise, Idaho where 90 percent of the users were ready to buy these little but very handy things. By 1980’s these stickers were so popular that they became a sensation and a trend amongst intellectual people. At present almost all the offices in the world use sticky notes to help them remember important things and appointments.

Uses of sticky notes:
There are many uses of these calm looking yellow stickers. They are easy to find and one does not have to consult a sticker printing company to get these as they are available on every stationary shop. They can be used as bookmarks in a book if you are a student or a professional who needs their books every day and cannot remember the pages on each book. This helps them to save time which is a crucial thing at this stage. However, very few people do this and tend to waste money on bookmarks.
One can also use these cheap stickers by marking the beginning and the ending points of the assignments so that one doesn’t have to look for them in the middle of all the writing. They can also be used to mark notes at the last page of the book for easy access the next time you need to find a specific thing.

How to keep everything in mind?
When you sit down to work whether in office or at home then the easiest way to get it done on time is to make sticky notes with one liner which tells you what you have to do throughout that time. This will make sure that your work is done in an organized way so that you do not leave any crucial details behind. This is especially useful for people who have a weak memory and need to be reminded of things again and again.
Another use for the sticky notes is when you are out of glossary and your kitchen needs the help of supermarket. Sticky notes on the fridge can help you remember what things you need to get from the superstore. When going out to get them put the sticky note in your wallet and in the supermarket stick it on the trolley so that you can shop around with both hands free. These online stickers are also available if you want them in bulks.


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